Community Development

'Verily, this brotherhood of yours is one brotherhood, and I am your only Lord. Therefore serve Me. Men have divided themselves, but to Us they shall return. He that does good works in the fullness of his faith, his endeavours shall not be lost: We record them all.'

- Holy Qur'an, 21:92-94

Orlando Muslim Unity Directory

The Orlando Muslim Unity Directory is part of United Muslim Foundation's ongoing community development efforts to build intra-faith unity within the Muslim Community. We would like to include a listing of every Mosque, Islamic School. Non-Profit Organization, Doctor, Halal Grocery Store and Service offered by Muslims in Greater Orlando. Click here to join the listing by March 31st.

UMF Community Development events provide an opportunity for the Muslim community with a safe space to discuss, learn and network with one another so they may be able to identify ways in which the Muslim community can positively impact their society. These events bring together Muslims of all backgrounds in efforts to overcome difficulties and celebrate bonds of unity.

Community Development events are identified, organized and hosted as needs arise in our local community. Community Development events hosted by UMF include:

To learn about Community Development events currently underway, e-mail for more information.