'Verily, this brotherhood of yours is one brotherhood, and I am your only Lord. Therefore serve Me. Men have divided themselves, but to Us they shall return. He that does good works in the fullness of his faith, his endeavours shall not be lost: We record them all.'

- Holy Qur'an, 21:92-94


Working hand-in-hand with other charitable organizations and individuals, young and old, UMF Directors, Officers and Volunteers come from various cultural and sectarian Muslim backgrounds seeking to contribute to society.   There’s so much Muslims have in common with each other and with the People of the Book, and enormous synergy can be harnessed working together to enrich the communities we live in. 

As a grassroots organization, UMF has hosted a variety of intrafaith Unity events collectively known as "UMF Uni’Tea'.”   These events are designed to bring Muslims around a table and discuss ways to give back to the communities we live in, thereby uniting to make a positive impact.  UMF Uni’Tea' have spearheaded a variety of initiatives and events to unite Muslims in both enjoyment and community service, including: 


  • UMF HungerTeam
  • UMF Intra-faith Iftars, Picnics and Thanksgiving Dinners
  • UMF Eid Celebrations at Fun Spot Theme Park and Universal's Islands of Adventure 
  • UMF Youth BBQ
  • UMF "Pink Morning" to Celebrate Muslim Women


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